Fragrance Du Bois Supports the Most Inspirational Women Across The Middle East

Fragrance Du Bois is honoured to identify the females who have actually made a favorable effect on society in the Middle East.

By sponsoring the Arab Woman Awards 2014 in the UAE – which is under the patronage of His Excellency Sheikh Nahyan Bin Mubarak Al Nahyan – Fragrance Du Bois acknowledged the effort and dedication revealed by amazing people in company, the arts, sports, fashion, the media, federal government and charitable business. Fragrance Du Bois was pleased to present elegant Oud-based scents to a few of the ladies at the awards event, sealing the brand’s position as the leading scent for prominent people who assist to form today’s world.

“Fragrance Du Bois is privileged to be a part of the foremost awards that identify females of the Arab world who have not just motivated other females, however other people to be successful and satisfy their dreams, while likewise playing a favorable function in adding to the world in their selected fields,” stated Emma Henry – Director, Fragrance Du Bois Middle East.

“As a brand, we make every effort to offer the most incredible Oud based scents making use of just exceptional active ingredients. Our collaboration with the Arab Woman Awards,” she concluded, “makes so much sense for us.”.

Gary Crates — CEO Europe, Asia Plantation Capital included, “We completely support the Arab Woman Awards, and we join them in commemorating the accomplishments of all the deserving laureates. At Asia Plantation Capital we pride ourselves on making a distinction, and raising awareness of the significance of sustainability and the have to look after our environment.” He continued, “That the scents we have actually assisted to produce are now decorating the ladies who are assisting to form the future of the Middle East manages us no little sense of pride.”.

Providing a hand put together option of great scents to Dr. Shaikha Al Maskari, Fragrance Du Bois was pleased to acknowledge her success in company, and her function in being a motivation to ladies who aim to be successful in the business world in the Middle East. Showing that the efficiency of a thoughtful leadership design is not a misconception, Dr. Shaikha’s supporting design stimulates the sort of commitment, dedication and dedication from her workers that is seen just hardly ever in other organisations.
Fragrance Du Bois’ Emma Henry was likewise kindlied to provide the sporting award to Ms. Khadijah Mohammed, who not just made history by ending up being the very first female weightlifter to stand for the Arabian Gulf Region at an Olympic Games (when she got London 2012), however likewise by being the very first female Emirati professional athlete ever to certify outright. Breaking through formerly developed frontiers, Ms. Mohammed is now blazing a trail in motivating ladies to take part in sports and make an effect in the worldwide arena.

Previously in 2014, Fragrance Du Bois likewise sponsored the Arab Woman Awards in Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Ms. Farah K Behbehani was an award recipient at the occasion in Kuwait, and as a freelance graphic designer specialising in print and editorial design (along with Arabic calligraphy), Fragrance Du Bois was pleased that an award must go to a person who is concentrated on how custom and culture can exist together with the modern-day world.

“Fragrance Du Bois is happy to be associated with ladies who motivate the world to attain greater requirements. Whether by making contributions to charity, altering frame of minds or opening doors, these are the individuals who make favorable modifications in the neighborhoods we live in,” she concluded, “and they are the individuals who Fragrance Du Bois will certainly constantly be excited to partner, in 2015 and beyond.”.