Plantations International Mango Tree Audit Completed

BDO, a global leader in audit and assurance, on July 4, 2023 confirmed the survival rate of the mango trees at Plantations International’s Kanchanaburi site. Following an extensive and rigorous audit, the international accounting firm counted a total of 14,400 mango trees, with an impressive 99.62% flourishing in optimum health, shattering the industry standard.

The independent tree count audit undertaken by BDO, a firm known for its stringent standards, revealed that 14,344 of the total mango trees are growing healthily and robustly. In contrast, only 56 trees were found to be struggling – a mortality rate of just 0.38%. This figure is a testament to the top-notch practices employed at the plantation, far surpassing the industry standard mortality rate of 10% for plantations under three years old.

“The remarkable success rate we have achieved can be directly attributed to the skill, dedication, and professionalism of our on-site team,” said Mr. Gareth Cookson, Plantations International’s COO. “Our industry-leading irrigation, management, and tree surveillance systems have played a significant role in ensuring the health and growth of our trees.”

The Plantations International team has been relentless in its efforts to set new industry standards and raise the bar for efficient plantation management. With their comprehensive and innovative approach, they’ve been able to make significant strides in the agricultural sector, demonstrating a model that is not only profitable but also sustainable.

“We are incredibly proud of these results,” added Mr. Cookson. “They are not only an affirmation of the hard work and commitment of our team but also a clear indicator of the efficacy of our advanced plantation management systems. We remain dedicated to continually refining our practices to foster healthier growth and ensure even greater success in the future.”

This achievement cements Plantations International’s status as a leader in the agricultural industry. With their exceptional mortality rate, the company sets a new standard for plantation management, further proving their commitment to sustainable and successful farming practices.