Asia Plantation Capital Announces The Achievement Of Shariah Compliance

Asia Plantation Capital Berhad announced the achievement of Shariah compliance approval for its items by the IBFIM, previously referred to as the Islamic Banking and Finance Institute Malaysia, the advisory body for Shariah compliance on all matters relating to Islamic banking in Malaysia.

Worldwide acknowledged in the Islamic world as a leader in this field, IBFIM is signed up and certified by the Securities Commission of Malaysia to supply Shariah regulative structures and guidance, and its regulative board is comprised from some of the leading banks in Malaysia. IBFIM’s approval hence clears the way for Asia Plantation Capital’s products to be marketed and sold in Malaysia and the global markets as Islamic items that satisfies all requirements as set out under the laws of Islam.

“As part of Asia Plantation Capital’s mission to regard regional culture and integrate into the marketplaces we are running in, getting this approval for Shariah compliance of our items has actually been crucial for us,” stated Mr. Steve Watts, CEO, Asia Plantation Capital, and Malaysia. “This provides our customers here in Malaysia and from around the Islamic world, self-confidence that they are not just buying a sound product, however the guarantee that it is socially accountable and completely in accordance with their beliefs. With more and more people in this region and the Middle East looking to alternative and sustainable investments that they can trust and be involved in, this is a strong statement of Asia Plantation Capital’s intent to meet their requirements and our dedication to being socially accountable in every market,” continued Mr. Watts.

Asia Plantation Capital’s continued strong growth in Malaysia has actually likewise seen the consultation of Dr. Kodi Isparan Kandasamy, Elder Vice President (AgBiotech), Malaysian Biotechnology Corporation as a Non-Executive Board Director of Asia Plantation Capital Berhad. Concurrent with this visit, Dr. Kodi has actually likewise been appointed to Asia Plantation Capital’s International Scientific Advisory Board.

Likewise selected to the International Scientific Advisory Board is Partner Teacher Yumi Zuhanis Has-Yun Hashim, FIBMS, and International Islamic University Malaysia. Asia Plantation Capital has actually signed a Letter of Intent (LOI) with the university to aid in the Teacher’s studies into making use of Agarwood, Oud Oil and especially in the locations of cancer research study which are already showing highly successful.

“These consultations into our Board-of-Directors and Global Scientific Board of advisers shows our ongoing belief that Malaysia is and will certainly remain to be an essential market for our company. These professionals in their respective fields will certainly contribute profoundly to our business, research and ability to operate successfully in Malaysia. I am very much anticipating working carefully with them to achieve more for our clients in Malaysia and around the world,” included Mr. Watts.

Asia Plantation Capital are hosting a series of events starting on the 21st February at The Address Hotel at the Dubai Shopping center to discuss their sustainable Oudh plantations’ and display their Oud Oil and items. The Address Hotel is likewise the area where their retail partner Fragrance Du Bois also have a concession in the Casal & Co shop.